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Upcoming VC Taskforce Events

Angel Luncheon Series: The Art of Startup Due Diligence

03/13/2019 • Luncheon 11:30AM - 1:30PM | Palo Alto | CA

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2018 VC Taskforce Programs

Programs & Events on Demand for the Venture Community

Leaders in the Venture Community organize events that address crucial issues.

Special Events

StartUP World Conference

This event for all types of start-up companies seeking funding features a series of panels by leading investors.

Attendees will also have opportunities to pitch to numerous investors.

2018 StartUP World

2017 StartUP World

2016 StartUP World

Ongoing Events for Investors & Startups

StartUP Academy

A structured series of events for startups

StartUP Academy features a structured program of workshops and pitch events, as well as face-time with investors. Events are designed to help startups go from concept to company.

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Elevator Pitches | Presenting to VC Firms | Demo Pitches

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Pitch Gauntlet

Forums, Roundtables & Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Corporate VC SIG | CXO SIG | Crowdfunding SIG | Emerging Technology Forum | Life Sciences Program | Green Tech Program

Investor Breakfasts

For managing partners of venture capital and private equity funds and limited partner institutional investors, endowments, pension funds, family offices, placement agents and advisors to funds.

Family Office Meetings

Face-to-face meetings of key family office people to support open dialogue and to build a network of peers.

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