Presenting to VC Firms Workshop
Building the Perfect Pitch

Sponsored by: Pillsbury Law

4/24/2017 • 6 - 8:30 PM

Pillsbury Law
2550 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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Presenter and Coach

Dr. Ronald Weissman, Apax Partners and Band of Angels

Coach Heather Crawford

Your company presentation is your single most important fundraising document. Delivered to VCs at a conference or a partnership meeting, your pitch defines who you are, what you do and whether your company is worth a more critical look.

Most presentations simply miss the mark. They focus on what the entrepreneur wants to say rather than what VCs want to hear. The goal of this session is to bridge the VC/Entrepreneur communications gap. And unlike traditional pitching workshops offered by PowerPoint pros, this workshop is run by VCs and angel investors whose advice is battle-tested from having heard and critiqued hundreds of pitches and having funded the best of them.

What you will learn:

  • The key 'must have' elements in a pitch
  • What VCs need to know before they will fund a deal
  • The top red flags that earn an instant 'no' from investors
  • How to avoid the Bermuda Triangle of pitching
  • Do you have a 'winners' circle' team? Or San Quentin team?
  • What your pitch says about YOU
  • How to deal with VC Attention Deficit Disorder
  • The key elements that transform VC's attitude from fear of failure to excitement

The session is highly interactive. After an overview describing how and why VCs evaluate deals, attendees will practice crafting and critiquing the key elements of a pitch, including a company overview, value proposition, go to market strategy, effective description of your management team, and a summary of reasons to invest. Attendee participation in pitching and delivering feedback will be strongly encouraged.

Presenter: Dr. Ronald Weissman, Apax Partners and Band of Angels

Ron Weissman, our session leader and coach, has been an active Silicon Valley VC (Apax Partners) and angel investor (chairman of the Band of Angels' Software SIG and an advisor to the Band's Acorn Fund) and has trained many companies in the art of successful fundraising. He has advised more than 50 companies and has been on more than 20 early stage Boards. As a VC, he has critiqued hundreds of pitches and has read thousands of presentations. As a former high tech executive, he authored and delivered hundreds of pitches himself locally and on Wall Street for private and public companies. Ron will share the lessons he has learned in developing the story that investors want to hear.

Coach: Heather Crawford

Heather Crawford is a multi-disciplinary professional with 20 years of experience leading Business Development, Finance and Technology teams in Consumer Products (Food and Wine), High Tech and Health Insurance companies. Comfortable navigating organizations from startup to Fortune 50 across diverse ownership structures including public, mutual, private/family owned, nonprofit and venture funded. Start-up Advisor and Angel Investor with personal portfolio of Food, Software, Hardware and Medical Device companies.

Doors Open: 5:30 PM
Program: 6:00-8:30 PM

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Program Manager: Vandana Agrawal

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