VC Forums, Roundtables and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Events listed in this section may be for VCs only, for VCs and funded companies or open to the public.

About Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for VCs

SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are chapters of VC Taskforce spearheaded by members who have uniquely identified needs where regular events and discussions can greatly enhance their professional knowledge base and network.

Corporate VC SIG

Corporate investors and corporate business development people meet to discuss topics relevant to the venture community.

Crowdfunding SIG

This series explores modes of raising money over the internet. We discuss current and possibly future issues addressed and not addressed by the SEC concerning equity funding. We also have programs about different means of internet funding.


Business and industry experts are invited to roundtables and small meetings which are designed for "C" level management or CXOs of VC-backed companies. Some meetings are for specific functions. Some meetings are open to all types of CXOs.

Emerging Technology Forum

Educates investors, entrepreneurs and trend watchers on the commercial potential and likely impact of “coming” technologies. Subjects in this forum have progressed beyond raw technology development but are not yet mainstream products.

Life Science Programs.

Designed to enrich the discussions among researchers, entrepreneurs and investors about evolving life sciences issues, concerns and innovation.

Green Tech Programs

Designed to enrich the discussions among researchers, entrepreneurs and investors about fast-changing green technology developments and innovation

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