We offer an array of workshops that bring together investors and startups of all levels.

Concept to Company Workshop

Chair: Dr. Ronald Weissman, Venture Partner, Apax Partners, Band of Angels

  • This interactive workshop combines a moderated panel discussion focusing on what inventors, students and entrepreneurs need to do to turn product concepts into full-fledged businesses and an audience Q&A where attendees will be invited to pose questions and present product ideas to the panel.
  • Panels composed of product marketing managers, early stage attorneys, venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs will examine best practices.

Elevator Pitch Workshop

Coaches: Bill Reichert: Managing Partner, Garage Technology Ventures, Marc Burch: Entrepreneur, Executive, Angel Investor

  • Learning how to clearly articulate a business proposition in a way that excites others is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur must master. Learn the must-have elements of an elevator pitch — along with what to say to arouse interest and what will turn off potential investors, why time is critical, how to keep the listener engaged, mistakes to avoid, how to get to wow!
  • This is a highly interactive workshop. Participants will craft and share their versions of the key components of their elevator pitches and will be critiqued by investor-coaches and other participants.

Building the Perfect Pitch: Presenting to VC Firms Workshop

Coaches: Dr. Ronald Weissman, Venture Partner, Apax Partners, Band of Angels, Marc Burch: Entrepreneur, Executive, Angel Investor

  • After you’ve won them over with your Elevator Pitch and you are invited in to present to the partners in a VC firm, what are you supposed to do? Your company’s presentation is the single most important fundraising document. Learn the key “must have” elements in a perfect pitch, along with the disqualifying red flags. Learn how to keep the investors’ attention and interest.
  • This “Company Presentation” workshop is for CEOs and other executives responsible for crafting and delivering the company’s core presentation to VC firms who have invited them in.

Demo Pitch Workshop: Dynamic Demo

Coach: Dr. Ronald Weissman, Venture Partner, Apax Partners, Band of Angels

  • An entrepreneur can’t wait to demo the product. A great demo can excite investors and make them want to learn more. A bad demo can be a serious turn-off. Learn the elements of a great demo and the common, avoidable mistakes that many make. Turn dull technical drill downs into dazzling, compelling demonstrations.
  • CEOs will demo their products and will receive feedback on how to craft the right demo from a panel of VC and startup marketing experts.

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