Ullas Naik

Streamlined Ventures

Founder and General Partner

Palo Alto and San Francisco

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I am a seasoned seed and angel investor, venture capitalist and entrepreneur with investment experience in nearly 300 companies. I am the founder of seed stage venture firm Streamlined Ventures that is focused on seed investing in applications and enabling technologies companies for the Mobile Web, Social Web, Web and Enterprise markets. The firm leads or co-leads seed rounds in these spaces. In addition, over the last 18 years, I have seed/angel invested in nearly 150 companies. I recently co-founded a full lifecycle investment firm called Cota Capital.

Prior to that, I was a senior member of the investment team and helped build venture capital firm Globespan Capital Partners for 12 years. I had invested in numerous information technology and clean technology companies and served on their Boards of Directors. Many of these companies became highly successful. During my tenure at Globespan I helped my colleagues at the firm evaluate and invest in nearly 150 companies in IT, web, mobile web and cleantech spaces.

Prior to Globespan I was a top ranked Wall Street analyst at FAC Equities/First Albany and was recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine as a Wall Street All Star.

I am a strong believer in the power of human ingenuity, especially when it is allowed to thrive in the context of an open, capitalist society. I thoroughly enjoy participating in all aspects of entrepreneurship and the risk capital that is necessary to cultivate it. I fully expect to work within the broad realm of entrepreneurial value creation for the rest of my life.

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